Richard Morden

The Importance of Mental Health For a Better Life

Well-versed in various healing modalities of quantum energy, I have worked with hundreds of people like you. I can give you the tools to create a path, which will lead you to a healthy transition in life.


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Life Transformation Coach

Leave emotional and spiritual burdens behind to embark on a new path.

Trauma Specialist

Address the residual symptoms of trauma that manifest as anxiety, PTSD, anger, panic attacks, and depression.


We are Always Ready For A Challenge

You will leave the burdens of the past behind and regain mastery over yourself to stand, again, in your personal power.

Who do I heal?

Who should work with me?

Are you fighting an internal battle with emotions that are weighing you down like a bag of sand?

Do you feel mentally suffocated and trapped in a box? Do you feel like you’re losing control of your life?

Step into the Quantum Approach for the safe space you’ve been looking for. As a woman in the prime of your life, you’ve taken on many roles: a friend, mother, sister, wife, daughter, business owner, entrepreneur, educator, caregiver, and more.

Look through the scenarios in the section below and figure out if you resonate with any of them.


We Help You Solve The Problems You Face

Why work with me? My Unique Approach to your breakthrough.

Look through the scenarios in the section below and figure out if you resonate with any of them.

Our Services

We Provide Best Mental Healthcare Services

Divorce Counseling

Anger and heartbreak have you hurting bad and you’re feeling shocked, betrayed, devastated, and alone.

Depression Therapy

In a crippling, debilitating position, you hear nothing but criticizing behaviors of those around you.

Anxiety and Panic

You've had enough of this helpless feeling that prevents you from assertively claiming what’s yours.

Anger Management

You struggle with pent-up bitter emotions that feed your anger, letting it fester until one day it explodes.

Stress management

You feel disconnected from your job, from your loved ones, your quality of work is failing, every little thing triggers overwhelm.

Patient Feedback

Our Patient Reviews


Denise Cambiotti
Denise Cambiotti
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Richard is a fantastic resource to bring onto your wellness team. He is not only a lifelong learner, continually upgrading his knowledge, he really works at integrating those learnings to support your journey and leads you into transformations in a very gentle manner.
Jennifer Casement
Jennifer Casement
@Corporate Trainer, Cambrian College
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Richard is a great resource! I wanted to work on a tapping method to help me through some limiting belief. In a one hour session, I was able to understand a greater awareness for where my insecurities were coming from and to quickly change my cell body beliefs through tapping.
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“After 3 sessions I already feel more motivated & productive!” Richard is amazing at what he does! I feel like I can do anything. I am so happy with his service and cannot recommend him enough.