Depression Counseling

Richard Morden

What does it feel like to live every day with depression?

It’s a crippling, debilitating, and paralyzing state, driven by severe negative emotions emanating from the harmful and criticizing behaviors of those around you. This chips away at your self-confidence and you become afraid of the judgment that you’ve been dealt early on in childhood. 

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As a woman, you may go through your life struggling with depression being unable to identify it because you’ve become adept at hiding those troubling feelings. You cover up your depressive state with excuses, which the society feeds you. At times, depression manifests itself in physical ways, such as through headaches and other physical ailments. This could also because you’re not in touch with your emotional pain.

The lack of acknowledgment of the predicament piles onto the state of mind, which screams that you’re unloved, incapable, and worthless. These words and thoughts form a negative narrative, going from one moment of despair to another.

You need not battle this alone.

Guided tapping through EFT serves as the perfect platform, using which Richard will take your hand to walk you through the prickly forest of depression. The first step towards the sunshine is recognition of the lifelong narrative that is at the base of the depression. Working with Richard, you will figure out the behaviours in others that have created this storyline for your life.

With care and compassion, Richard will work with you to promote self-awareness, leading to the recognition that you are not responsible for your depression. You’re only dealing with the product of what you’ve been fed. Richard will take you through a carefully customized set of techniques to empower you. These will give you the strength to address those around you that are contributing to your depression.

And all of this will be done in a safe and contained environment, with Richard overseeing your progress all along. Through his coaching, you will develop crucially personal skills, such as a self-care routine, the words and bravery to ask for help, say no, establish and follow clear boundaries, and attain inner peace and calm. 

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